Health: It is better not to drink such drinks before exercising

Health: It is better not to drink such drinks before exercising

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Performance Impairment: Why Certain Drinks Are Not Good Before Exercise

Those who exercise regularly keep fit, slim and healthy. It is also important to drink enough to compensate for the loss of fluid due to sweating. What many do not know: some drinks can affect performance if consumed before training.

Compensate for fluid loss

If you want to stay fit and / or reduce your weight, you should do some sport. Because to reduce belly fat, it is also necessary to exercise regularly. Endurance sports are particularly suitable here. Those who exercise a lot should always drink enough to make up for the loss of fluid through sweating. However, some drinks are not so suitable for this.

Don't drink too much

During exercise, the body loses large amounts of fluid through sweating, which must be replenished promptly to avoid health problems.

"However, athletes should under no circumstances consume a lot of fluids, as in the worst case this can cause further problems," says the renowned sports doctor Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse of the German Sport University Cologne according to a message from the internet portal "Lampis".

“Scientifically proven, the body can process and use a maximum of 0.8 to 1.0 liters of liquid per hour. The intake should be done in small portions and swallows. We strongly advise against drinking larger amounts in a short time, ”explained the expert.

Too much fluid can upset the balance of water and salts in the body. According to health experts, this could lead to cardiac arrhythmias and the kidney function could be impaired.

Better avoid certain drinks before exercising

However, this does not mean being too economical with drinking. However, it is also important to choose the right selection. Because some - even supposedly healthy - drinks can impair performance if they are consumed before training.

For example, it is better to avoid carbonated water before exercising, because the carbon dioxide strains the stomach and can cause bloating.

Milk drinks are also not productive before sport. Milk is considered healthy, but if you drink it before training, it ensures that the organism has to use energy for digestion. In addition, it does not bring out its effects.

Because the body takes a while to extract the important nutrients it contains from the milk. So, for example, if you only take a milk protein shake shortly before exercising, you don't have the necessary energy in time for training.

What and how much should we drink?

It is generally clear that unhealthy drinks like cola are not to be found before and during sports. However, special sports or isotonic drinks are also not advisable.

Although these provide a real energy kick and short-term refreshment during sport at the beginning of the training, they contain significantly too much sugar and are therefore in no way good for your health.

But what and how much should we drink?

"The rule of thumb is two to three liters per day, which should not be undercut if possible," explained Prof. Froböse. The demand naturally increases with intensive stress. And: "The daily fluid requirement also depends on body weight."

It is also important that the drinks, such as water or unsweetened teas, are not too cold, otherwise the body will have to use additional energy to warm them up. (ad)

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