The best tips to survive the Christmas season healthy

The best tips to survive the Christmas season healthy

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Without stress and fat belly - healthy through the holidays
Christmas time means feasting and laboriously working off the extra pounds in the new year - this is a popular saying. It doesn't have to be. With care, the fat layer can be avoided over the holidays.

Avoid stress

Christmas means stress for most people. Instead of calm and contemplation, the focus is on hecticness: buying gifts, cooking great food, buying food when the checkout in the supermarket is endless because everyone else has the same plan - and all this in the season when the organism is running low .

There are several ways to reduce stress. The first is planning. If the shops overflow in front of customers in the last week before Christmas, get the ingredients for the Christmas dinner in early December, unless they need to be fresh. The following applies: The more exotic an ingredient is, and the harder it is to get it, the more likely it is that they buy.

The same applies to gifts, and here too mindfulness comes into play. The more personal a gift is, the better. In the weeks (and months?) Before Christmas, pay attention to what your loved ones would be happy about.

Maybe a new coffee machine is missing? Is the houseplant wilting and her daughter complains that she "actually" needs a new one? Does your partner notice again and again that he "actually" needs a wall calendar to forget fewer appointments? Take care of these little things for your loved ones when you pick up the signals and not just in the last week before Christmas. The gift recipients then also honor their attention.

Conscious breaks are also good for reducing stress. Enter in your calendar when you only take time for yourself, read a book, take a hot bath, walk in the forest.

Plan short trips

Combine stressful visits to dear relatives with a short trip. Just sitting around eating all day is boring. Cities and landscapes in which they are not otherwise usually almost always have a certain charm. Grandma and Grandpa live on the North Sea? What speaks against a winter walk on the beach? In the black Forest? How about a hike through the forest? In this way, mandatory visits become an experience.

What does avoiding stress have to do with the extra pounds? A whole lot. Especially in the Christmas season, reaching for sweets in order to create happiness for a short time through sugar is an ubiquitous temptation - the more stress, the greater the temptation.

Eat full

First of all, it sounds paradoxical. Why should I eat my fill where Christmas food is omnipresent and I just want to eat less. When it comes to weight gain, however, it depends on the calories and hardly anything else.

Roasted almonds or hot cocoa with sugar should be an added treat and not used to satisfy hunger. If we are hungry, we eat more - if the foods are high in sugar and fat, then we gain weight.

So if you strike properly before going to the Christmas market, for example with a vegetable pan made from zucchini, bell peppers, spring onions, tomatoes, a pumpkin soup or a large portion of coleslaw, you can not only strengthen your immune system, but also fill your stomach. At the Christmas market you will not feel an overwhelming urge for greasy pizza, roast spit or lard cake and so enjoy the delicacies in moderation.

An insider tip is carbonated mineral water: it fills the stomach, gives you a feeling of fullness and is without calories.

Please leave

Did you grow up in the country and have fond childhood memories of the Christmas season? The roast goose on the plate is certainly only a tiny part of it. You probably think of sledding, hiking across snow-covered fields, building a snowman or ice skating.

All these beautiful experiences had nothing to do with extra pounds, on the contrary. Did it somehow come to pass that you drove the car to your relatives at Christmas, stuffed the Christmas menu in the restaurant and watched the children unwrapping the presents?

Why don't you treat yourself and your loved ones to the great experiences of childhood again? Does anyone prevent you from hiking in the forest before and at Christmas, admiring the birds in the (possibly) snow-covered park and reading a winter story to your children after cross-country skiing?

Not only do they ensure physical fitness as a remedy for obesity, they also do something for their good mood. Sunlight provides us with vitamin D, and the lucky charm serotonin is released in bright light. We also need the alternation of day and night to sleep well. Last but not least: exercise burns calories.

Give yourself fitness

You can also tackle the Christmas calories with the gifts: give away a family trip to the skating rink or a subscription with your partner in the gym, or as a hint with the fence post, hiking shoes or outdoor jacket.

Make up for it

There is little better to spoil your mood than to miss the feast because of the slim line at Christmas. If, however, they don't think of it until Christmas Eve, it's probably too late anyway.

You know beforehand that you will be consuming more calories than usual over the holidays. Here you can take preventive and follow-up measures. So plan a low-calorie, high-activity week after Christmas, and preferably before.

Or start the Christmas morning with a round of jogging and muesli. A plan helps with preventive and follow-up care: low-fat fish, all green vegetables, salads and whole-grain bread, which will keep you full for a long time, are suitable.

Snack right?

The Christmas sweets are calorie bombs. But here, too, the amount of calories can be pressed. Dried fruits, nuts and almonds contain many calories, but they also fill you up quickly.

Sweet pastries are not always sweet pastries: Christstollen has up to 400 calories per piece, meringue, which is primarily made up of protein, considerably less. Gingerbreads have little fat, but, at least when it comes to the classic ones, a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals, ginger, anise, cardamom or vanilla.

Eat fish

Fish can also be festive, and some of the best edible fish are low in fat but high in protein and are suitable as a healthy diet. Pikeperch, for example, is considered to be particularly noble, but has very few calories - even better you go with seafood such as shrimp, scampi, octopus, mussels or calamari. These are low-calorie protein bombs. Octopus, scampi and pikeperch all have around 80 calories per hundred grams, the eel popular for Christmas has almost 250.

However, you should not prepare the squid in beer batter, flour and eggs, but pure, filled with garlic, in a stew with tomatoes, onions and chilli or as a salad with peppers and olives.

Goose or turkey?

If you like it classic, you can replace the goose with turkey. 100 grams of goose have over 300 calories, turkey just 170. Or you can even take the particularly low-fat turkey breast. Ostrich fillet has an extraordinary taste and is also the least calorie poultry with 129 calories per 100 grams.

Baked potatoes instead of fries

Pay attention to the side dishes. A crunchy salad with artichokes, radishes, peppers or chanterelles has very few calories. A tip: As a snack, lay out raw, blanched or baked vegetables instead of cookies and chocolate.

For cookies and chocolate, use dark chocolate with less calories. For dessert, use low-fat yogurt or curd cheese instead of whipped cream.

Croquettes and french fries contain a lot more calories than baked potatoes.

Vegetable puree instead of roux

You can also watch out for classic food. Do not use lard for the red cabbage. Only then does he become fat. You can also cook vegetables such as carrot sticks, Brussels sprouts or broccoli as side dishes.

With the sauce, you can add pureed vegetables or lean cream cheese as a binder instead of roux or cream.

Strength training

In general, the more muscles we have in relation to fat, the more calories we burn, the more calories we can eat. On Christmas Eve, however, it is too late for this knowledge.

So go to a weight training studio regularly. With just one hour of training a week, you will start building muscle in a month or two. You stay fit and at the same time are better prepared for the feast. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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