TLC diet: Losing weight structurally - this is how proper weight loss works

TLC diet: Losing weight structurally - this is how proper weight loss works

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Diet change: Lose weight in the long term with the TLC diet
At the beginning of the new year, many overweight people swear to finally lose a few extra pounds. With any diet, the risk of the yo-yo effect is great.
A good approach is, for example, the so-called TLC diet. It helps you lose weight in a structured and controlled manner.

A variety of nutritional approaches are available for people who want to reduce their weight. However, many diets bring almost nothing, as experts often stress. Many are currently promoting the so-called TLC diet. With this relatively new concept, you should not only lose weight quickly, but also lower your cholesterol. What is it about the method?

Low calorie diet
Health experts keep warning about wrong weight loss. Many make the mistake of quickly reducing their weight by avoiding certain foods, but quickly putting on the kilos again after the diet has ended. In order to lose weight without a yo-yo effect, the diet must be consistently changed over the long term.

The best chance of success is probably with a permanent diet with fewer calories. The so-called TLC diet also relies on a long-term change in diet. This can also lower cholesterol levels.

Permanent change of diet
TLC stands for "Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes". The diet has many similarities to the so-called DASH diet.

TLC is not a classic diet, but a permanent change in diet with the aim of keeping cholesterol levels at a healthy level in the long term.

The US National Institutes of Health explains in a brochure how the method works.

Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fats
The basis of the TLC diet is the distinction between good and bad cholesterol. A basic distinction is made between healthy unsaturated fatty acids and unhealthy saturated or poly-saturated fatty acids.

The saturated fatty acids increase the unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Therefore, only the unsaturated fatty acids are on the menu in the TLC method.

In addition, a distinction is made between good and bad carbohydrates.

Accordingly, wholemeal bread, fish, poultry, various types of vegetables such as beans, low-fat milk products, nuts, fruit and vegetable oils are recommended.

High-fat meat and sausage products, fried foods, ready meals, whole milk products such as cream or cheese, white bread and snacks such as chips or chocolate should be avoided.

Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
As a guideline for daily fat consumption, amounts of 20 grams apply to women and 30 grams for men.

Experts point out that the TLC diet allows greater flexibility in the composition of meals than many other methods of losing weight. It is therefore also suitable for vegans or for people with a gluten intolerance.

It is also positive that you not only lose weight quickly, but can also lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

The disadvantage, however, is that this form of nutrition is relatively complicated because you always have to find out which foods contain the good and bad fats. (sb, ad)

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