Lose weight: diet on the side instead of negative hunger

Lose weight: diet on the side instead of negative hunger

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By the way and according to the guidelines of the German Society for Nutrition
A diet is almost always a pain. If you like to eat, you have to force yourself to eat less to save calories. Nutrition experts say, however, that it can also be done without hunger - with the “side diet”. Experts from the Stiftung Warentest describe how this works.

Lose weight without effort
If you feel too fat, try different methods to get rid of extra pounds. Some rely on a lot of exercise, others on a strictly followed diet. It is particularly common to avoid fat or carbohydrates if possible. However, popular diets are mostly unsuccessful, as studies have shown time and again. In addition, they can harm health in some cases. For example, it has only recently been reported why low-carb diets are usually not a good idea. According to nutrition experts, it is not healthy to completely avoid carbohydrates. It is not always a question of doing without if you want to reduce your weight. At least not with the so-called "side diet". With this, losing weight should work without the usual stress.

"Incidental diet" from Stiftung Warentest
The “Incidental Diet” of the Stiftung Warentest, which has been published in several books, does not starve, but simply exchanges. In "The side-by-side diet - get slim for in between" alternatives are shown that save calories and still make you full and happy. Nutritionist Elisabeth Lange gives many tips and lists numerous facts about nutrition. The tips, which are described as "suitable for everyday use", are scientifically proven and meet the recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE). The double-page concept shows on the left what makes you fat and on the right, which saves calories in the same situation but does not waste time. The "Zeit" magazine wrote about the volume "The Incidental Diet - Getting Slim for Working People": "We usually do not recommend diet books. This is so serious that we will do it anyway. "

Alternatives to calorie bombs
On the clearly designed, richly illustrated double pages, calorie bombs contrast with the healthier but not more expensive alternatives. For example, it is shown that tomato sauce instead of fatty spaghetti carbonara or potato dumplings instead of french fries can save a lot of calories. In addition, the choice should fall better on hamburger instead of hot dog or fish red instead of kebab. When losing weight, it also helps to prepare the food yourself. The food produced in-house is usually less processed and much lower in calories than the corresponding supermarket items. The experts also offer simple recipes. (ad)

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