Recall: This alcohol-free yeast wheat can cause severe unwanted intoxication

Recall: This alcohol-free yeast wheat can cause severe unwanted intoxication

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Wheat wheat was incorrectly declared to be non-alcoholic

If you want to treat yourself to a non-alcoholic wheat beer as a refreshment in the summer temperatures, you could experience a nasty surprise. Because the Braunschweig brewery announced that there was an error in the labeling. Apparently the alcoholic wheat beer of the "Adelskronen" brand was incorrectly labeled with the label alcohol-free. For some, unwanted alcohol consumption may be just a minor inconvenience, for others - such as street users, allergy sufferers or pregnant women - this can have serious consequences.

It is the product "Adelskrone Hefeweizen" in a 0.5 liter PET bottle, which is sold by the supermarket chain "Penny". “Alcohol-free” yeast wheat with the best-before date of November 2018 and lot number L: 12 F07 00 to L: 16 F07 59 is affected. "This can lead to unintentional alcohol consumption," warns the manufacturer.

Refund policy

The consumer protection portal "" from the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety also warns of the incorrectly labeled beer. According to the manufacturer, the affected goods have already been removed from the corresponding supermarkets. Anyone who has already bought the beer can return it to the respective shop for a refund of the purchase price.

How did the wrong labeling come about?

The brewery stated that the alcohol-free variant was processed shortly before the yeast wheat was filled with alcohol. When changing the varieties, labels were incorrectly sorted, which were then glued to the bottles. As part of a monthly inventory, the additional stock of the corresponding back labels was noticed.

Possible consequences of unwanted alcohol consumption

In social circles, people don't like to say no to a glass of beer. As a healthier alternative, alcohol-free wheat beer is very popular. If there is an unwanted consumption of alcohol, this can have drastic consequences for some people. Alcohol is considered dangerous from a glass in pregnancy. In allergy sufferers, even small amounts of alcohol can trigger an itchy rash and difficulty breathing. Even as a driver, you expose yourself and others to an increased risk of accidents. A police license threatens to lose your license. The excuse that the beer was printed incorrectly will hardly count. (vb)

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