For digestive problems: what really helps with constipation

Digestive problems: what can help with constipation

Everyone knows digestive problems. The reasons for this can include stress, changes in eating habits or a change in travel. The problems often disappeared as quickly as they appeared. But sometimes the sluggishness of the intestine continues. Experts explain what can help with constipation.

Digestive problems are common

Everybody has to struggle with digestive problems from time to time. For example, the changeover to travel or extensive meals can quickly lead to intestinal sluggishness. Stress and certain diseases such as diabetes can also have a negative impact on digestion. Especially at an advanced age, many people have digestive problems. Sometimes these lead to chronic constipation.

Normal digestion - chronic constipation

“There is a wide range of what is called normal digestion. It ranges from three bowel movements per day to three bowel movements per week, ”writes the Gastro-Liga on its website.

“Rare bowel movements and hard stools that can only be emptied with effort are generally referred to as constipation,” the experts continued.

Chronic constipation is only spoken of when patients have had difficulties over a period of six weeks over a period of six months.

Then those affected should definitely see a doctor to rule out serious illnesses.

Natural home remedies

If the symptoms are not caused by an illness, simple home remedies for constipation can often help.

It is generally recommended to exercise regularly, to drink enough and to take a lot of time while eating, especially at breakfast.

A high-fiber diet is also advisable. Foods that are high in fiber include whole grain cereal products such as whole grain bread, cereal flakes, whole grain pasta and brown rice, as well as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds.

The fiber-like compounds are not only good for digestion, but also ideal fillers.

Sour milk products such as yogurt, buttermilk or thick milk also have a positive impact on intestinal health. Psyllium also helps with chronic constipation.

Use of medication

If none of these measures help, medication can also be used. According to the gastro-league, more recently, products with the ingredient macrogol have been used to treat constipation.

Or also means “that stimulate bowel activity. This includes preparations with the ingredients sodium picosulfate, bisacodyl or extracts from Sennes fruits. ”

In principle, according to the experts, "agents that increase the stool volume and make the stool softer should be used first, and only if this is not enough agents that stimulate bowel activity". (ad)

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