Man licked from dog and lost both legs and hands due to bacterial infection

Man licked from dog and lost both legs and hands due to bacterial infection

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Dog saliva can contain dangerous bacteria

Dog kisses are almost always “normal” for dog owners. However, this can lead to serious inflammation, as a recent case from the USA shows. A dog owner had to have both legs amputated and, in a second operation, even hands. Greg Manteufel is now happy to be alive. Although this form of bacterial transmission with subsequent inflammation is rather rare, doctors have been advising to wash your hands regularly after petting the pet.

Greg Manteufel was infected with the bacterium Capnocytophaga canimorsus after being licked by a dog. The bacterium is found in the saliva of dogs and cats. After a blood infection developed, the patient's legs had to be amputated.

The person concerned initially thought that he had the flu

The infection hit the father so badly that he suffered a septic shock. At first Manteufel thought that he had the flu. However, after one hour the symptoms became so severe that the patient had to be hospitalized.

Amputation of parts of the hands will follow

In the hospital, doctors first had to amputate both feet to prevent the infection from spreading. But unfortunately it turned out that the problem was much worse. The result was that the surgeons finally had to amputate Manteufel's two legs below the knee. Additional operations are also planned to remove parts of both hands. Plastic surgery is also needed to rebuild the man's nose, reports Fox 6 Now.

Greg's wife Dawn told the Sun: “He is 48 years old and has spent most of his life with dogs. And then something like that happens! ”The patient had told the doctors:“ Take away what you have to take away, but save my life. ”And that was exactly what the doctors had to do. "We had no other way to save the patient's life," the doctors said.

A strong reaction to the infection is very rare

The infection appears to have been caused by dog ​​licking. Manteufel then developed a very strong response to the infection. Such an impact is rare. More than 99 percent of people who have dogs will never have such problems, experts say.

Infection is usually caused by dog ​​bites

There is a study in the English-language journal "European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases", which had the result that such an infection is usually the result of dog bites. In a review of more than 450 patient cases, only 27 percent of the participants contracted the bacteria through scratching, licking or unspecified contact with dogs or cats. 26 percent of the total number of patients in the study died as a result of the infection.

Beware of a weak immune system when handling dogs

Such a reaction is very rare and should not prevent dog owners from being in close contact with their pets. However, people with a weak immune system should be careful as they may be prone to infection. If you feel sick or uncomfortable, you should keep your pets safe. (sb, as)

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