Lose weight: these 5 simple foods block the constant hunger

Lose weight: these 5 simple foods block the constant hunger

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Lose weight: the 5 best foods against constant hunger

Germany is getting fatter! According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), 59% of men and 37% of women are overweight. There is no lack of willingness to lose weight: almost every second German would like to weigh less. The most common problem when trying to lose weight? Food cravings and persistent hunger!

With the overwhelming urge for sweet, salty or fatty foods, the body usually wants to warn us of a lack of nutrients. Trying to endure such an attack is a bad idea: it rarely works and it affects well-being. We become irritable and tired. Often, hunger is just there shortly after a meal. It doesn't have to be! Because even if we are more hungry on some days than on others: certain foods simply fill you up longer. We present to you the 5 most effective fillers that can help you lose weight healthy!

1. Eggs

It is not without reason that the egg is the absolute number one of healthy fillers! The properties of a chicken egg are simply ideal for losing weight: It is nutrient-rich, low in calories and has the highest biological value of all foods, i.e. the greatest efficiency in converting food protein into the body's own protein.

This also results in the good performance in the saturation index. 240 egg calories keep you full for one and a half times as long as the same amount of calories in white bread. Since an egg is only 78 calories, you can hardly eat too many eggs. If you're thinking about your cholesterol level, don't worry! Contrary to many years of warning, eggs do not cause high cholesterol. On the contrary: A balanced and healthy diet even lowers the level. And eggs are a must!

2. Avocado

If you look at the nutritional values ​​of the avocado, you might be astonished that the fruit, which incidentally belongs to the berries, is listed here. Because it contains a lot of fat and is very high in calories. However, these are predominantly unsaturated fatty acids that lower the LDL cholesterol level and thereby facilitate the breakdown of annoying fat deposits. The insulin level is positively influenced. The avocado is also full of vitamins and minerals.
The high energy content has a positive effect on the saturation effect. Studies show that people who eat an avocado meal stay full longer than a meal without an avocado. Of course you do not lose weight on eating many avocados. The important thing is to replace unhealthy food with avocado.

3. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are healthy fiber bombs and thus support healthy digestion. In contrast to other foods, they remain in the colon for a particularly long time, absorbing water and swelling there. As a result, people who received a flaxseed shake ate 30 percent less than those who drank their shake straight. Saturation sets in faster and lasts longer.

As with all foods, be careful not to look at the small granules as a miracle cure that you just have to consume regularly to lose weight. However, flax seeds can make losing weight much easier with a healthy diet.

4. Ginger

Ginger contains the hormone leptin. This triggers the slightly pungent taste and increases saturation. The tuber has almost no calories. But there is plenty of vitamin C, which stimulates the circulation, strengthens the immune system and promotes blood circulation.

Tip: Drink water with a few slices of ginger and a little lemon between meals! If boiling water is poured over the slices, the taste and the filling effect are intensified. The drink also has an invigorating effect and is a real stimulant!

5. Chili peppers

The active ingredient capsaicin contained in the hot pods has been proven to reduce the craving for sweet and fatty foods. The sharpness also stimulates the metabolism, increases calorie consumption and stabilizes the blood sugar level. Those who can tolerate spicy dishes do their body a real favor by eating chilli peppers!


If, despite a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of satiators, your cravings persist or there is no satiety, please see a doctor. You may have a metabolic or eating disorder. (fs)

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