Impending retinal damage: Diabetics should have an eye examination every two years

Impending retinal damage: Diabetics should have an eye examination every two years

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People with diabetes should see an ophthalmologist every two years

Permanently increased blood sugar levels can damage the fine blood vessels of the retina. Diabetics should therefore go to the ophthalmologist regularly to have their eyes checked.

Diabetes can result in numerous complications

According to experts, around seven million people with diabetes live in Germany. The disease not only has a serious impact on the metabolism, but can also lead to numerous secondary diseases. Diabetes often causes diseases of the cardiovascular system over time. The nervous system is also affected. The supplying nerves of the feet are particularly often damaged, which can lead to the person affected developing a so-called diabetic foot. Eye disorders that can lead to blindness are also typical complications of diabetes. Those affected should therefore have their eyes checked regularly.

Immediately after diagnosis to an ophthalmologist

People with type 2 diabetes should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately after diagnosis, the magazine "Diabetes Ratgeber" recommends in its current edition (8/2018).

Because too high blood sugar levels can sometimes cause damage to the retina in the eye.

According to the experts, the eyes must then be checked at least every two years. Other experts advise intervals of only one year.

For type 1 diabetics, it is recommended to see an ophthalmologist at least every two years from the fifth year of illness.

Take care of appointments in time

It is advised to make an appointment in good time. Patients should call the practice about three months before the due date.

In urgent cases, the family doctor can sometimes help to get an appointment with the ophthalmologist more quickly.

You can also contact the appointment service offices of the statutory health insurance associations. They are obliged to arrange an appointment within four weeks. However, you cannot then choose the doctor. (ad)

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