Undetected health problems: The kidneys suffer quietly and quietly

Undetected health problems: The kidneys suffer quietly and quietly

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What protects the kidneys: Take over-the-counter pain relievers only for a short time

They are the all-rounders in our body: kidneys perform important drainage and detoxification functions, produce hormones for regulating blood pressure and the important red blood cells. Kidneys are vital. If they fall ill, this has fatal consequences, precisely because symptoms usually only show up when it is already too late.

In order to protect the kidneys, one should not only drink a lot, but above all never take medication for no good reason, as Uro-GmbH Nordrhein, an association of urologists based in NRW, points out. In addition, the experts recommend having a check-up offered by the health insurance company from the age of 35.

Diabetics and patients with high blood pressure are particularly at risk of developing kidneys. But smokers and overweight people are also at risk. Problem: Kidney damage does not cause complaints. Neither pain, exhaustion or discoloration in the urine show that something is wrong. Urologists, on the other hand, can identify illnesses during the check with simple laboratory tests in the initial stage.

In addition to properly setting blood sugar in diabetics and blood pressure in sick people, there are some rules that everyone should follow. "For the protection of the kidneys, which ultimately function like a giant blood vessel, all the rules that strengthen the cardiovascular system apply," explains urologist Dr. Reinhold Schaefer from the network. “This includes exercise, healthy eating, avoiding being overweight and avoiding cigarettes.” In addition, for their detoxification function, kidneys need enough water to remove pollutants through the urine.

It should be around one and a half liters a day, and even more in heat and sports. Last but not least, it is important to understand that the kidneys are filter organs and remove drug substances from the blood. They work extremely well, especially when taking painkillers for a long time. Therefore, under no circumstances take over-the-counter medication over a longer period of time without consulting a doctor. (sb)

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