Study: Larger wine glasses automatically tempt you to consume more

Study: Larger wine glasses automatically tempt you to consume more

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Larger wine glasses make us drink more
Does it make a difference whether we drink our wine from a large or a smaller glass? Researchers have now found that when we use a large glass, we drink more wine. Eliminating large wine glasses would automatically reduce alcohol consumption and prevent hangovers the next morning. So if you want to reduce your alcohol consumption, you should simply buy smaller glasses.

If you've ever thought about ways to reduce your drinking habits, there could be a simple trick that might interest you. Scientists at recognized Cambridge University have now found that when we use bigger glasses, we generally drink more when we drink. This also applies if the volume of alcohol in a small and a large glass is the same. The doctors of the so-called Behavior and Health Research Unit (BHRU) at the University of Cambridge published their latest study results in the online journal "Bio Med Central" (BMC).

Wine sales increase by almost ten percent through larger glasses
The experiment in a bar showed that people drink more from larger wine glasses. The bar staff poured the same amount of wine in different sized glasses. They found that sales increased almost ten percent when larger glasses were used, the researchers explain. Apparently we drink faster when we use a large glass because our brain is being deceived and thinks there is more fluid to consume, the scientists say. For this reason, all wine glasses should simply be under a certain size, the experts add.

Sales remain unchanged when particularly small glasses are used
In the trial, the wine was served in portions of 125 milliliters (ml) and 175 milliliters. But the glasses used were replaced every two weeks. The experts switched between a 300 milliliter standard glass, a larger glass (370 ml) and a small glass (250 ml). Sales increased by 9.4 percent when the large glasses were used. When the small glasses were used, sales remained unchanged, the scientists say. Increasing the size of the wine glass without increasing the amount of wine it contains causes people to drink more, the doctors explain.

Do larger glasses change our perception of the amount of wine?
It is not clear why the glass size has such a significant impact on the amount consumed. One reason could be that larger glasses change our perception of the amount of wine, then we drink faster and order more wine, the researchers speculate. It is very interesting, however, that no opposite effect could be found when the researchers served in small wine glasses. So the study suggests that the use of larger wine glasses should be avoided. So people can simply reduce the amount consumed, the doctors add.

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of heart problems, obesity and cancer
Of course, we need more research to confirm this effect, the British scientists emphasized. But then, if necessary, measures could be implemented that counteract this effect, the experts say. For example, licensing requirements for alcohol serving might include that all wine glasses must be below a certain size. Growing evidence indicates that even moderate drinking is an important risk factor for diseases such as obesity, heart problems and cancer, the doctors explain. Health professionals are constantly looking for new ways and means to reduce our alcohol consumption. In fact, around 24,000 cancer cases could be prevented each year in the UK alone if no one were to drink alcohol, the doctors say. (as)

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