Alcoholism: Larger glasses tempt you to drink more

Glass or glass of wine? Size tempts you to drink quickly
The red wine is well ventilated in a large bulbous glass and can develop its aroma optimally. What is good for the bouquet obviously has other effects: A larger team likes to drink faster and more, a research team at the University of Cambridge in England has found.

In the service of science, an experiment was carried out in a restaurant with an attached bar. Over a period of 16 weeks, the waiters changed the glasses for serving wine every 14 days. Standard glasses with a volume of 300 ml were alternately replaced by smaller (250 ml) and larger glasses (370 ml). The wine assortment, the amount poured, the prices and the glass shape remained the same over the entire investigation period.

Previous studies had already shown that the shape and size of the dishes and drinking vessels can have an impact on consumption. Apparently this is also the case with alcoholic beverages: the drinking behavior of customers who had no idea about the experiment fluctuated every two weeks. In the times with the larger glasses, the amount of wine served daily was on average 9 percent larger than in the weeks with the standard glasses. The effect was particularly clear in the bar area. Here, sales rose by more than 14 percent, in the restaurant only by 8 percent. One reason for this could be that the bar guests almost only bought wine in glasses. In the restaurant, visitors mostly ordered bottles and carafes. It may have been easier to estimate the amount drunk this way.

If the wine is served in a glass, its size probably changes the perception of the amount of wine. In a large glass, it is estimated to be less, so that visitors drink faster and therefore more - according to the theory. However, smaller glasses did not lead to lower consumption in the experiment, the authors write in the journal "BMC Public Health". Since excessive alcohol consumption has health consequences, it is important to be familiar with such influencing factors. The results should therefore be examined more closely in further investigations. Then it will become clear whether you can outsmart yourself with a smaller glass and reduce wine consumption. Heike Kreuz, aid

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