Hidden glue protein: Not only bread contains gluten

Hidden glue protein: Not only bread contains gluten

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Croquettes, confectionery and the like: gluten is not only found in bread
Those suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance) must avoid foods containing gluten. However, many products contain the adhesive protein without this being recognizable on the list of ingredients. Help is provided by the crossed-out ear of wheat symbol.

Health impairments in celiac disease
According to estimates, about every 800th German suffers from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). It is a chronic disease of the small intestine, which is caused by a lifetime of intolerance to the gluten protein. In those affected, intestinal villi are damaged by the intake of gluten. Typical symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence and fatty stools. There can also be serious disturbances in nutrient intake.

Adhesive protein is hidden in many processed foods
Therapy is not yet available. Only strict avoidance of the adhesive protein can help. But gluten is not only found in cereals such as wheat, spelled, rye or barley - it can also be hidden in many other processed foods. In dumplings or croquettes, for example, as the Association for Independent Health Advice (UGB) reports in its magazine "UGBforum special".

Even teas can contain gluten
“The food industry also uses the adhesive protein in isolation for stabilization, emulsification and above all as a carrier for spices and flavors. So it happens that both potato chips and popcorn can contain gluten. Sausages and even flavored teas also cause great problems, ”writes the UGB on its website. Gluten can also hide in cream cheese preparations, confectionery or frozen vegetables with added flour.

Symbol helps those affected when shopping
A large range of products that do not contain any adhesive protein can now be found in supermarkets, but they are often not easy to recognize. Help is provided here by the crossed-out ear symbol, which stands for gluten-free food. The symbol is awarded by the German Celiac Society (DZG).

According to the experts, only products that “do not exceed the legally prescribed limit of 20 milligrams of gluten per kilogram (20 ppm) can carry the symbol of the crossed-out ear. Those affected can safely eat them. ”(Ad)

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