Aliana is dead: six-year-old child killed by measles infection consequences

Aliana is dead: six-year-old child killed by measles infection consequences

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Late complications of the infection: Six-year-old Aliana dies of measles-inflammation SSPE
In Hesse, a little girl died of the late effects of a measles infection. Six-year-old Aliana suffered from chronic measles inflammation SSPE. The mother of the little ones had pointed out her daughter's illness last year and pointed out the importance of measles vaccination.

Girl dies of late complications from measles infection
Aliana was only six years old. The girl from Hesse suffered for years from chronic measles brain inflammation SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis), in which measles viruses destroy the nerve cells in the brain. The disease is a late consequence of a measles infection and is always fatal. She lost her fight against the disease on Thursday. The public had been made aware of the girl's illness last year. Her mother had made her daughter's story public in order to draw attention to the importance of measles vaccination.

Not a harmless childhood illness
As health experts repeatedly emphasize, measles is not a harmless childhood disease. The disease also affects adults. Therefore, you should check your measles vaccination protection if necessary.

Aliana would not have been infected if her mother had been vaccinated. The girl has recently been dealing with infections, said her pediatrician in Bad Hersfeld, Georg Johann Witte, according to a message from the German Press Agency. This is a result of the disease.

In the coming year, Aliana was supposed to move to an integrative kindergarten in Bebra because she had developed well. Her family had even bought a large car to be able to transport the severely disabled girl in her wheelchair. But it shouldn't go that far: Aliana died.

Mother was not vaccinated
Her mother had gone public with the disease last year to make other mothers aware of the importance of measles vaccination for them. According to the information, she herself had fallen through the cracks when decades ago, vaccinations were inadequate or not at all.

The Berlin pediatrician Martin Terhardt, member of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, said according to a message from the dpa news agency: "This tragic case shows how dangerous measles can be."

“The virus is highly contagious. Infants in particular are at risk because they cannot yet be vaccinated, ”said the expert.

Nest protection is removed after a few months
In Germany measles vaccination is recommended for children from the eleventh month of life, for infants in a daycare center from the ninth month.

Mothers who have antibodies due to vaccination or a previous measles disease can save their children from measles and other contagious diseases in the first few months.

But: "Current studies show that this nest protection can be removed by six months," warned Terhardt.

Vaccination rates in children improved significantly
Although the regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe had called for an "intensification of measles vaccination efforts" last year in view of the significant increase in measles infections.

However, vaccination rates among children in Germany have improved considerably since 2000. This was confirmed by studies at the beginning of school. With the first vaccination, the children in 2012 were 96.7 percent according to RKI data, and 92.4 for the second spade. However, the desired eradication of the disease can only succeed in the long term from 95 percent.

Majority of Germans for mandatory vaccination
Measles vaccination - yes or no? has been an issue for years. In this context, there is a constant call for a measles obligation, which according to surveys would be welcomed by the majority of German citizens.

Opponents of vaccination indicate possible side effects of immunization such as reddening of the skin, swelling, fever or a rash. Compared to the effects of measles disease, where the immune system is weakened and various symptoms such as fever, otitis media or diarrhea can occur, the risks of a vaccination are not a comparison, my proponents.

Not to mention the rare serious, sometimes fatal complications. (ad)

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