Best therapy option: Just don't take care of back pain

Best therapy option: Just don't take care of back pain

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Do not spare: What helps with mild back pain
Around 80 percent of Germans suffer from back pain every now and then. Some of them then go easy on themselves, hoping that the symptoms will soon go away. But if the pain is not too severe, those affected should move better, health experts recommend.

Back pain common disease
The number of people who suffer from back pain every now and then increases and increases. In the past year alone, almost 37 million Germans visited a doctor for musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders. Health experts advise strengthening your back through exercise to prevent complaints. And even if pain occurs, it is usually better to exercise than to spare yourself.

Do not lie on the sofa in the event of complaints
Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan, spine specialist and orthopedic surgeon in Munich and President of the German Spine League recommends in a message from the dpa news agency not to stay on the sofa in case of low back pain and to take care of yourself.

Rather, one should try to relieve neck tension by letting the shoulders circle.

Tennis ball massage against tension
According to the doctor, the tennis ball massage helps against tension in other areas of the back. You stand backwards against a wall, push a tennis ball between your back and wall and slowly move up and down.

If the lower spine hurts, the step position can do well. To do this, lie flat on your back and place your legs on a chair at a 90-degree angle.

Strengthen your back
To prevent back problems, according to experts, exercises such as cat humps, hackers and curls are also suitable. And of course sports that strengthen the cross - for example swimming, Nordic walking or Pilates.

However, it depends on the right amount. "The dose makes the poison. If someone with back problems just walks, that's wrong. If he does this for a very long time, he will harm himself, ”explained Dr. Schneiderhan in an interview a few months ago.

He continued: “Swimming is not always good for your back. As well as back or breaststroke swimming can have a positive effect, the dolphin puts a strain on an untrained back. Cycling is of little use, but it is not a burden either. ”

Basically, if the back pain lasts for several days and if there are other symptoms such as numbness or fever, a doctor should be consulted. (ad)

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