Beginning of the cold period: hoarseness can be alleviated faster

Beginning of the cold period: hoarseness can be alleviated faster

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Sage tea and Co: How hoarseness can be alleviated naturally
Those who catch a cold in the cold season often suffer from hoarseness. Medicines are usually not appropriate here. However, there are tried and true home remedies that help to regain the normal voice.

Alleviate complaints on a naturopathic basis
The wet and cold weather during the winter months causes many an infection. Those who catch a cold are often hoarse. To alleviate the symptoms, you don't have to take medication. On a naturopathic basis, there are various home remedies for hoarseness. It is also important to protect the voice.

Inhale water vapor with sage extract
The “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” (December 1, 2016 edition) recommends those affected to alleviate symptoms by gargling with a saline solution or drinking sage tea.

It is also good to inhale water vapor with chamomile or sage extract. People who have to speak a lot and loudly and are therefore hoarse can train the voice with a simple exercise: To do this, you look over one of your shoulders, inhale and then move your head back, making a soft "hmmm" sound does - like with a sigh.

Experts from the German Society for Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology (DGPP) also advise people with red-intensive jobs to hum a few minutes before work to prevent hoarseness.

Avoid coffee and black tea
In addition to being gentle, it is fundamentally important not to smoke and to better avoid alcohol and coffee if you have voice problems. However, more fluid than usual should be consumed to combat the dry throat.

As it says in the magazine of the Federal Association of Pharmacists' Associations, green or black tea should be avoided. If you suffer from hoarseness for more than three weeks, it is best to have the symptoms clarified by the doctor. (ad)

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