Wild boar suffers from pseudo rage: Danger also for dogs and cats

Wild boar suffers from pseudo rage: Danger also for dogs and cats

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Infected wild boar: pseudo rage also a risk for cats and dogs
Another wild boar was found to have pseudo-rage in Bavaria. The viral disease, also known as Aujeszky's disease (AK), also poses a danger to cats and dogs. Pet owners should therefore take precautionary measures.

Again proven pseudo-rage in Bavaria
A few weeks ago, Aujeszky's disease (AK) was found in a wild boar shot in the Steigerwald (Lower Franconia). The infectious disease, which is also known as pseudo-rage, has now been found in another animal, according to media reports. Experts warn: Cats and dogs are also at risk. Small animal owners should therefore take precautionary measures so that they do not become infected.

Danger to cats and dogs
The viral disease known as pseudo-rage appears to be spreading among wild boars in the Haßberge district (Bavaria). The district office in the Lower Franconian city of Haßfurt had already warned after the confirmation of the first case that small and large ruminants could also become infected. The disease also poses a danger to cats and dogs. However, it is primarily infectious for pigs.

"However, according to the current state of knowledge, the virus is harmless to humans, so there is no danger from eating processed and fully cooked wild boar products," says a message.

Pet owners are called for caution
As the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (BR) reports, two wild boars that have been infected have now been reported.

"Everyone who keeps susceptible animals and, of course, domestic pigs, is now expressly called for caution to take protective measures to absolutely prevent the infection of pets," says the district.

For example, dogs should have no contact with dead or live wild boar. In addition, neither raw meat from wild boar nor offal should be fed to dogs or cats. "Sick dogs usually die from an infection," warn the experts. (ad)

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