Eco tester: healthy or unhealthy? Green smoothies with as much sugar as cola

Eco tester: healthy or unhealthy? Green smoothies with as much sugar as cola

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Ökot-Test criticizes the high sugar content in green smoothies
While soft drinks, iced tea and the like are generally considered to be unhealthy drinks due to their high sugar content, smoothies are perceived by most consumers as rather healthy. In a recent study of green smoothies, “Öko-Test” found that one in five contained too much sugar. Some drinks had as much sugar as in Coca-Cola, the magazine said.

Green smoothies are said to have numerous positive properties, particularly given their high vitamin content. "Öko-Test" has now investigated the question of how healthy green smoothies from retailers actually are. The consumer magazine had 20 products examined in the laboratory for this purpose. Above all, the high sugar content and the low proportion of vegetables were grounds for criticism. Many smoothies therefore do not live up to what consumers expect from them. However, six smoothies were rated as “very good” or “good”.

Low vegetable content in many products
As part of the investigation, the levels of sugar, vitamin C and fiber in the smoothies were analyzed. The laboratory also checked the pollution and taste. According to the testers, it was shown that “the vegetable content of some smoothies is far too low.” The proportion was below ten percent for two products, while the vegetable test accounted for 50 percent and for the two “very good” products in the test 68.3 percent was reached.

Some smoothies do not contain any vitamin C.
Regarding the vitamin content, the testers found that no vitamin C was detectable in six smoothies and that in many products the content was only at the lowest level. Many smoothies have their reputation as vitamin bombs wrongly. However, the two "very good" products and the four "good" products were also convincing at this point.

Sugar content like in Coca-Cola
The high sugar content that was found in four products is particularly critical. "With more than ten grams of sugar per 100 milliliters, these drinks contain as much as in Coca-Cola," according to the "Öko-Test" report. Even with the small bottles, this is quickly more than 25 grams - the maximum amount that adults should take in according to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation. It does not matter whether it is white table sugar or natural sugar from fruit juices.

Ingredients often declared misleading
The declaration was also cause for criticism for nine smoothies. A description like "Acai + Spinach & Kale" on the front of the packaging is not very consumer-friendly if the smoothie consists mainly of apple and banana, according to the "Öko-Test". Nonetheless, the mixed drinks made from apple, banana, spinach and Co. can replace fresh fruit and vegetables. However, the consumer magazine warns that you should not only rely on green smoothies, but also eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to the "Öko-Test", the pollutant pollution was checked overall positively and pollutants were not found or at most found in harmless traces. (fp)

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