Current facts from experts: This is how healthy teeth can be maintained for life

Current facts from experts: This is how healthy teeth can be maintained for life

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Healthy and beautiful teeth are not only part of an attractive appearance, they also contribute significantly to the quality of life. When it comes to diseases of the mouth, it is important to pay attention to important facts in order to get back to a bright smile that lasts for a long time. Dr. Christoph Sliwowski, head of the Dental Implant Clinic Düsseldorf at St. Vinzenz Hospital, explains what patients should pay attention to:

Fact 1: Take the first symptoms seriously
“Advanced mouth complaints often require extensive measures and affected teeth cannot always be saved. I therefore recommend that all patients pay attention to the first symptoms and have them clarified in case of doubt. For example, light bleeding gums is not a major problem. However, if the person ignores it for a longer period of time, the irritation of the soft tissue increases. In the worst case, there is a risk of periodontitis, that is, an inflammation of the tooth structure. This can be easily counteracted, especially in the early stages: with professional tooth cleaning, we remove deposits that cannot be achieved in daily dental care and explain the correct use of dental floss and interdental brushes to the patient.

Used regularly, these usually prevent further problems. Since not all diseases cause complaints right from the start, a six-monthly check-up visit to the dentist is part of optimal oral hygiene. "

Fact 2: Individual problems require individual solutions
"Whether filling or crown, direct implant restoration or jaw bone build-up - depending on the initial situation, we have various treatment options to choose from. In order to find the suitable solution, a thorough examination is carried out first. The optics desired by the patient, for example when choosing materials, also play an important role. If one or more teeth are missing, we check the condition of the jawbone and the exact location of the nerve tracts and adjacent tooth roots in advance. For this we have digital volume tomography, DVT for short. Based on the resulting three-dimensional X-ray image, we can recognize both tooth and jaw properties and plan the further procedure precisely. This includes the number and size of the implants used. In some cases, we build the jawbone in the first step in order to later provide a solid foundation for implants. ”

Fact 3: Aftercare is just as important as prevention
"Even if dentures are artificial materials in the mouth, careful care remains at least as important as with real teeth. Because here too, deposits adhere, which form a breeding ground for bacteria. Anyone who does not remove them favors irritation and diseases of the surrounding tissue. In dental implants, so-called peri-implantitis is certainly the greatest risk - an inflammation in which the gums and bone substance regress and, in the worst case, the implant is lost.

Carriers of implants and bar systems are best placed on interdental brushes in addition to the toothbrush in order to reach areas that are difficult to access. With very narrow gaps, however, dental floss is better in order not to damage the interdental space, the so-called gingival papilla. Make sure that you use it correctly and carefully move the fine thread up and down. In addition, mouthwash solutions prevent plaque. A check-up visit and professional teeth cleaning are also recommended twice a year. In this way, implants can last a lifetime. ”

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