Unhealthy beauty trend: Coca Cola as a new tanning agent?

Unhealthy beauty trend: Coca Cola as a new tanning agent?

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Experts warn: Coca-Cola for tanning can be dangerous
A peculiar beauty trend has been circulating for years: Coca Cola is smeared on the skin before sunbathing, because this should speed up the tanning process and also ensure a particularly attractive complexion. However, health experts warn against using the soft drink as a tanning agent.

Coca Cola as a tanning agent
For most Europeans, tanned skin is the ideal of beauty. However, health experts repeatedly point out that the tan achieved by sunbathing is not healthy. After all, it is important to protect the skin from strong UV radiation in the summer to avoid sunburn and to minimize the risk of skin cancer. A beauty trend that has been circulating for years has long been a concern for medical professionals: some people actually use Coca Cola because they want to tan faster and achieve a more attractive skin tone. However, the soft drink can be dangerous for the skin.

Avoid sunburn
According to dermatologists, you should always avoid burning your skin while sunbathing, as each individual sunburn is added to your own skin account. This increases the risk of skin cancer.

When it comes to sun protection, it depends on the skin type. The lighter the skin, the more protection is required. In addition, one should be guided by the UV index, which can be called up online daily.

In order to prevent sunburn, it is important not to save on applying cream. It is also advised to stay in the shade a lot.

Soft drink can be dangerous for the skin
But what does not help is to lubricate his body with Coca Cola. One should think that there is no need to point this out, but there are actually people who do so in the hope of getting a fairer complexion and generally tanning faster.

According to the US women's magazine “Allure”, Coca Cola became a trend as a tanning agent because the drink contains a caramel-colored dye that can contribute to a bronze skin tone.

Dermatologist Joshua Draftsman from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York warns in the magazine of the strange trend: "Even if some think that Coca Cola can speed up the tan, it can actually be dangerous and I recommend to leave it."

The doctor explained: “Applying it to the skin can temporarily darken or color the skin, but because lemonades contain acid, it can flake off the skin, which means that UV light can penetrate the skin more intensely. Ultimately, this increases the risk of sunburn. "

The dermatologist recommends using a sunscreen that has at least a sun protection factor of 30 instead of lemonade.

In the meantime, the manufacturer of the soft drink has also reacted to the strange trend and writes in response to the question whether the drink can be used as a sunscreen:

"As much as we love Coca-Cola, we would not recommend using it that way. It has no sun protection factor at all - it is a drink! ”(Ad)

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